Starting your own project

Using the bundled example project

Arkestra comes with a bundled example project - in the example folder - which is ready to go, complete with database and media files.

Once you have the example project running, have a look at the site.

The admin interface is at /admin; username and password are both arkestra.

Once logged in to the admin, set your Site appropriately - /admin/sites/site/.

Running your own project

The example project in Arkestra contains a ready-made file, not to mention the and so on that you’ll need.

Either copy these, or if you know what you’re doing, copy the relevant parts to the files in your own project.

Start with the Python runserver, and get that going.

In order to make anything work, you’ll need to do log in to Admin (username and password are both arkestra) and do three things.

  • create a Page
  • create an Entity
  • link the Entity to the Page, by selecting the Page as the Entity’s /Home page/

And since Arkestra needs to know what the base entity of your site is, in your arkestra_settings file add something like:


where the value corresponds to the id of your base entity.

In production

Run collectstatic - for media files to get them into the right place.

For deployment, point your web hosting platform not at, but, which turns off various debug modes.